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Wayne C. Brantley ChFC®

Wayne C. Brantley ChFC®

Financial Advisor*

A ChFC®-certified Financial Advisor, Wayne's areas of concentration are in investment management*, retirement planning*, investment distribution*, estate planning*, college funding*, and other various areas of asset management*.

"I am a graduate of The Ohio State University where I received my degree in Family Financial Planning. Financial services has been my one and only career path".

"As a financial advisor I understand how hard my clients worked to build their savings, and because of that I take my job very seriously. I feel that an advisor must operate on an incredibly high level of ethical standards. It is my responsibility to ensure that my clients receive the proper care and attention they deserve regardless of their financial situation".

"It is my conviction that a financial advisor is not only a personal financial advocate for his/her clients, but a professional who must prepare him/herself to excel in an always changing profession. That is why I'am committed to never stop acquiring the essential education, knowledge, and experience to provide my clientele with quality financial recommendations. After graduating with my degree in Family Financial Planning I have since acquired the ChFC® and will continue to develop my skills and further my knowledge within this constantly changing environment of financial management".

"Feel free to request me via email or phone. I will respond in a timely manner".

*Wayne offers security and advisory services through United Planners Financial Services.